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This is the first issue of our newsletter, where you will find information on the technical progress of the project and on the channels available to interact with the consortium. If you have any thoughts, comments, events or other information that you wish to share, please e-mail details onto and we will try to support your efforts and interest.

DESTRIERO is a European Commission supported research project under the domain of Security, a program established by the European Commission to develop the technologies and knowledge needed to ensure the security of citizens from threats such as terrorism, natural disasters and crime, while respecting fundamental human rights including privacy.

The consortium comprises 13 partners from industries, SMEs and universities and is coordinated by e-GEOS, a leading international player in the geo-spatial business. You can find more information about each partner of DESTRIERO here.

The main objective of DESTRIERO is to develop a post-crisis needs assessment tool, to collect data in interoperable formats, in combination with an advanced multi-criteria decision analysis tool. In fact, natural or man provoked disasters trigger extreme chain reactions and the impact can be so dramatic that the effective collaboration among several organizations is required for assessment and recovery. Although significant efforts have been undertaken by international organisations there is no supporting software tool available at the moment, and important gaps remain in optimising coordination at the operational level. DESTRIERO aims at filling these gaps.

Where we are

In the first phase of the project, we performed a deep analysis of the state of the art in "needs assessment tools" for reconstruction and recovery, where we reviewed existing tools using evaluation criteria for their suitability to fulfil the DESTRIERO user requirements. Our conclusions confirmed the requirement for a needs assessment specific software toolset and, in particular, a platform for interoperability is needed complement existing tools in the market. For the complete study of the state of the art you can read the deliverable "D2.3 - State of the Art of Needs Assessment Tools for Reconstruction and Recovery", which is available on our web page

During this phase, we also defined and described complex scenarios, (see picture below), for requirements gathering and to validate the DESTRIERO system in the final demonstration. With the aim at defining the modules of the DESTRIERO platform, we have identified different data sources, from which relevant data for situation assessment could be available, and existing information sources, that can be useful during the different activities of recovery and reconstruction.

An interoperability data model, defined as an ontology, and notations for the information exchange between organizations have been also developed in the framework of WP3 "Technological Interoperability for damage assessment and recovery needs" and WP4 "Functional Interoperability for coordination and planning activities". The findings of these activities are being integrated into the architecture of DESTRIERO, which will be presented in the next issue the newsletter, due in June, 2015.


Community of users

Partners of DESTRIERO also actively participated to the first conference organised by the European Commission on the Community of Users initiative for emergency, disaster risk management and crisis management, held in Brussels, Belgium on the 24th and 25th November 2014. Since then, we have hosted a workshop event, organised by one of our partners, SAADIAN, to collectively assess the initial Community of Users initiative. The report of this workshop will be published in Quarter 1 2015.

Presently, in our webpage you can access a report of the first meeting held in Brussels and the draft working paper prepared by the by the Secure Societies Programme of the European Commission. This document is open to iterations, following discussions and comments from the developing Community of Users. We welcome your input and feedback on the document. A second CoU workshop is expected to be held in Brussels in May 2015 when the findings and conclusions based on the analysis of the feedback provided, also by DESTRIERO partners, will be unveiled.

DESTRIERO project was presented to the Bulgarian Defence Institute in December 2014 and generates tremendous interest as a result. You can download the presentation here.
DESTRIERO will be present at ISCRAM2015, the 12th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management, with the paper "A collaboration platform for data sharing among heterogeneous relief organizations for disaster management".
The keynote will be presented in Kristiansand, Norway on 24-27 of May. The exact date will be communicated on our website.
For further details follow the topic on the LinkedIn group.
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